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Regardless of your sport or activity, Athletic Therapy can help get you off the sideline and back onto the field. Whether it's a new injury, an old one that hasn't quite healed or pain with an unknown cause, Athletic Therapists treat and rehabilitate all types of musculoskeletal injuries.

Injury rehabilitation consists of an initial injury assessment and follow-up rehabilitation treatments where we create an individualized plan to address your specific injury and athletic needs. Athletic Therapists specialize in returning injured athletes back to pre-injury performance levels. Through educating proper mechanics, Athletic Therapists ensure future injury prevention is always part of the process. Whether you're an elite athlete or a weekend warrior an Athletic Therapist can help you get back to doing what you love.

Athletic Therapy injury treatment and rehabilitation appointments are available with Crystal Bartkowski at Preventous Collaborative Health,


M-F 9-5

(403 229-0129

1635 17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB

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Keep your athletes safe by having an Athletic Therapist at your event or on your team's bench. Along with injury management, Athletic Therapists are Certified First Responders and are trained in the management and treatment of medical emergencies.

Sports Medicine Field Coverage services include:

  • Event preparation of athletes (injury prevention warm-ups, prophylactic and injury taping, pre-game treatments, ect.)

  • Creation of an Emergency Action Plan

  • Acute injury assessment and management (including concussions)

  • Make return to play decisions regarding injuries

  • Medical emergency management

  • Reduce secondary injury through proper care of primary injury

Sports Medicine field coverage is available for both individual teams as well as larger events hosting multiple teams/athletes. Supplies are provided by the Athletic Therapist. For larger events, multiple therapists may be recommended.


$30-$60/hour + supplies

Cost varies depending on event. Contact for pricing.

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Baseline concussion testing consists of both physical and cognitive tests that provide a pre-injury baseline of healthy brain function. Baseline testing is completed pre-injury, and offer health care practitioners an objective score to compare to if an athlete sustains a concussion. Concussion testing is performed using both the SCAT5 and the King-Devick test. The SCAT5 is a tool developed as part of the 5th international consensus on concussion in sport. The King-Devick test evaluates impairments of eye movements, attention and language function.


Contact for team pricing.



Biomechanical and athletic performance assessments and corrections are suited for athletes who have experienced a recurring injury, have hit a performance plateau or wish to improve their performance potential. The assessment consists of identifying areas of weakness or restriction, improper movement patterns or biomechanics, adaptations and compensations. Body and limb angles, weight distribution and force transfer are also evaluated. An individualized program is then created to meet the athlete's unique needs and goals. 

Biomechanical and athletic performance assessments are available with Crystal Bartkowski at Preventous Collaborative Health. 

(403) 229-0129

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